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We are located on the East Coast of the USA. We are available between the hours of 10am to 7pm Monday through Friday.


Our address is:

215 Pineda Street, Suite 101

Longwood, FL 32750


You may contact us at:

Ph: 407-262-9042

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servos,simulation,simulator,control loader,control loading,motion platform,motion platforms,motion base,motion seat,night vision systems,stable
motion base and motion platform and control loader informtion can be found here!!

The first and original designers of totally electric digital control loading and motion simulation since 1981. If you are tired of settling for the rest, come back to the best!

Servos & Simulation is the premiere manufacturer of Control Loading and Motion Platform Systems for all applications. These applications include servo systems, simulation, flight simulators, control loaders, control loading, motion systems, motion platforms, motion seats, night vision systems, stable platforms, E/O systems, shaker tables, electro-optics, virtual reality, entertainment systems and gimbal systems.


Since pioneering one of the first completely electric digital control loaders in 1990, Servos & Simulation has continued to adapt and modify its technologies to strive forward into the future with the adaptation of the electric digital control loader technology into a full range electric digital motion line. Servos & Simulation has brought its proven low cost and low maintenance high performance systems to the motion platform simulation industry.


With a wide background of engineering history in gimbal design, stabilized platforms and AC motor modifications, Servos & Simulation brings to market the low cost, ease of maintenance and minimized total cost of ownership.

Six axis motion platform with 6000 pounds of payload and 35˚ of roll and pitch. Other models available. Contact us today with your requirement.