Servos & Simulation is a  designer, manufacturer, and integrator of precision motion control products and systems.
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Motion Base Platform System Options:


There are several options to choose from for our motion base platform systems.




All standard systems come complete with the motion base cabled and ready to plug in (up to 50’ of cable between the motion base and the rack mount electronics is included). Maintenance/Installation manual with drawings are provided for the ease and simplicity of installation. All of our Motion Base Platform Systems can be integrated with our Feedback Control Loader Product Line.


For more information on our options for your specification, please contact us either by phone or email and we will be more than happy to assist you.



710-COMP - PC based Control Computer710-COMP Computer for Motion Base Platform Control


Intel CPU based PC with Windows 7 64-bit with Ethernet, DAC Board, S&SI Interface Card for DAC Board, Cable between the Drive Amplifier Chassis and Computer, and Maintenance Software is included.




710-MAINT - Maintenance Software Only710-MAINT Software for Servos and Simulation Motion Base Platforms 2DOF 3DOF and 6DOF


Our maintenance software allows the user to verify the motion system for functionality. It allows the user to move and calibrate the system for checkout. It is not meant for standard operation.












710-PCHDWR - Motion Base PCIe Controller card and cable onlySensoray 826 Controller Card


710-BANDW - Bandwidth and Backlash Removal


This removes the backlash from 12 arc/min to <1 arc/min. The gearmotors must be disassembled, modified and reassembled. The drive amplifiers are changed from a standard COTS at 3Hz to one that provides 10Hz or more of bandwidth.







710-AUTHSOFT - Entertainment Ride Authoring Software only


Authoring Software is primarily used in the entertainment industry to program a ride profile to a predetermined video or entertainment production. It can control relays for mist machines, lights, seat belts and safeties. DMX and control tracks can be implemented for fans, heaters, mist machines and external lighting.


710-HISOFT - Flight Simulator Host Interface Software only


Host Interface Software is UDP Ethernet communication software between the motion base computer and a “Host” computer. The software sends and receives data packets between the computers. The software then translates the data to move the base. The Host computer and software is provided by the customer.


710-SSSOFT - Sea State Profile Software only


This software performs Sea State level 6 as long as the motion system can perform to that specification. This software is used, but not limited to, testing the stability of modern transmitting/receiving equipment for seaboard use.


710-PRECSOFT - Precision Motion Base Software only


This software removes the non-linearities of the cranks and pushrods in our non-linear systems either on the Control Computer or via a Host Computer . In addition, the software allows the center of the moving platform coordinate system to be moved anywhere. For example, the center of the moving platform coordinate system can be moved 20 inches above the center of the moving platform, and roll and pitch will be centered about this new coordinate center in such applications for aircraft pilot feel and realism or off the nose in missile testing scenarios. With customization, the software can determine the location of a point(s) on a Unit Under Test in free space such as in antenna testing. As part of the Precision Control Software, a Dynamic Software Evaluator reads the feedback pots from each of the six actuators and calculates the roll, pitch, yaw, X, Y, and Z position of the motion base moving platform. The positions can be sent to the Computer (local or Host) so that the user knows exactly where the motion base moving platform is at any time. The Precision Software has an iteration rate of 1KHz, but the Host can send data anywhere from 200Hz up to the 1KHz. Please be aware that the backlash/bandwidth option must done to the  gearmotors on the motion base as well as the drive amplifiers in order for the software to perform properly.

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Servos & Simulation is a  designer, manufacturer, and integrator of precision motion control products and systems.
Servos & Simulation is a  designer, manufacturer, and integrator of precision motion control products and systems.